Learn How To Find The Higher Love You Really Want.
Without The Loneliness, Anxiety & Countless Soul Sucking Hours Scrolling Through Dating Apps...
The Relationship Renegades Experience 
by Rachele Brooke Smith & Emilio Palafox

Relationships are at the core of everything we do,
so why don't we learn to cultivate them?

  • ​Discover THE BLOCKS that are holding you back from the self worth, self love, and self confidence you never knew you had. So you can attract the higher love you really want. ​​
  • ​Be able to clearly, effectively, and efficiently weed out people that aren’t for you. So you can build a loving, supportive tribe. ​​
  • ​Learn how to effectively deal with stress and struggle. So you can move through your day to day from a place of peace, joy, and creativity. ​
  • ​Learn the most powerful, practical tools, for you, to process your emotions. So you can work through hardships in a healthy way. ​
  • ​Learn key communication skills. So you can avoid unnecessary fights.
Rachele Brooke Smith and Emilio Palafox teach you everything you need to know in order to create, build and nurture healthy and loving relationships.

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This Experience is designed for couples looking to strengthen their relationship to each other and for singles looking to attract their dream partner.

Learn how to:

Communicate like a pro

So you can avoid unnecessary arguments, connect deeply with each other and get the tools you need to build a life of love and fulfilment. 

Become unbreakable

Learn to use triggers as gifts for healing, set a  healthy foundation that will enable you to attract the love and lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 

Heal from generational trauma

Learn to create connected and fully alive relationships, by first learning to forgive.

Because hurt people, hurt people.

Get 18 lessons that teach the habits, frameworks and skills needed to nurture healthy & loving relationships.


Practicing Presence

Silence the echoes of the past and tune out the noise of the future.

Learn how to serve yourself and those you love in the present moment, so you can build foundational connections that have real meaning.

Defining Your Purpose

Because before you can learn 'how' to do something, you need to know 'why' you're doing it.

Using Compassion

Learn how to understand and better communicate with yourself and others.

Getting Prepared

Understand why you think the way you do and be prepared when old patterns start to show themselves.

Embracing Curiosity

Because you'll never learn if you don't start by seeking.

Building Courage

Learning about yourself can be confronting, learn to instil the courage you need before you start your journey.

"Together, let’s make healthy relationships the new norm!"


Learn why others love what Rachele and Emilio teach

"One of the most positive experiences of my life"

"Saying that working with Rachele has been one of the most positive experiences of my life, would be an understatement!

Her depth of knowledge extends far past the realm of fitness and into motivation and self growth."

"I already know the internal foundation I’m building."

Rebecca Johnson
"I started working with Rachele while clawing my way out of the latest heartbreak pothole in a ridiculously drawn out break-up.

Rachele’s given me a host of concrete tools to help me bridge that gap and develop an innate sense of my own power."

"You two have made me realize a lot.
Thank you!"

"I was so impacted by your show with Emilio, that I was pretty speechless right after, because there are quite a few moments I couldn’t stop myself from being emotional. 

I want to express my gratitude to you because you two have made me realize a lot."

Meet the Team.

Rachele Brooke Smith & Emilio Palafox

Relationship Renegades

Hi! We're Rachele and Emilio. Together we co-founded Relationship Renegades where our mission is to co-create a world where healthy relationships are the new norm!

To have the biggest impact, we knew our knowledge and frameworks had to be shared. So, together, we created The Relationship Renegades Experience.

The Experience is so much more than a course. It's a multi-part video series which covers everything from our stories, to meditations, tools and practical advice for everyone who is seeking healthier relationships.

Together, let’s shed the weight of expectation that ‘perfect’ puts on us, learn to build conscious relationships and all work to lead intentional lives that make healthy relationships the new norm.

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  • Action items unique to each part of the guide
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